We are our Service Users


We are 4 Seasons

Our Service Users are at the heart of everything we do.

They make their own decisions, to create the service they want…

We have been doing it this way since we started in 1998

We are 4 Seasons

We are a team

We work

We build self confidence

We smile a lot, we laugh a lot

We are always learning

We enjoy sunny days and rainy days alike.

(Well in truth we do prefer the sunny days)

So what do actually do?

We are 4 Seasons

We are

Master Gardeners

We garden.

We started off as gardeners, and we will always be gardeners.

We love plants.

We love gardening.

We go to work every day

We work as a team

We do what we love, and we love what we do.

We are 4 Seasons

We are employers

We employ adults with a Learning Disability

We search out jobs

We get jobs

We support each other

But most of all.

We have fun,

We eat together

We laugh together

We drink coffee together (well Kevin has tea, and lots of it)

We enjoy each others company.

We are 4 Seasons

We are wild

We love the Great Outdoors

We love wild places

We go cycling.

We go walking.

We cook on camp fires.

And of course, we stop, we have coffee (Kevin has tea)

We enjoy each others company, and the view…

We are 4 Seasons

and we have

room for you

If you have a learning disability

If you are looking for a job

If you enjoy working outdoors

If you are an explorer

Then we would love to meet you.

We are 4 Seasons

and we would like you

to join us.

4 Seasons [Hull] Ltd, Wyton Rd, Preston HU12 8TY